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In 2010, after decades of replacing rotted wood deck frames, and careful consideration of the cost and environmental impact of yearly care for wood decks, the EvolvedDecks™ light-gauge steel frame concept was born.

The owner and founder of EvolvedDecks™, Rodger Mann, brings over 50 years of building, contracting and drafting experience.

EvolvedDecks™ is partnered with many local supply companies and supports the local economy. In addition, Rodger represents EvolvedDecks™ as a member of the Steel Framing Industry Association and the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County.

Benefits of EvolvedDecks™ steel framing

  • non-combustible; exceeds requirements for fire safety
  • impervious to dry rot and boring insect infestations
  • dimensionally stable and does not warp
  • a green, environmentally sound building product; non-toxic/non-leach materials
  • high quality
  • lightweight & durable
  • low maintenance
  • cost-effective; no replacement or repairs for a lifetime
  • premium, high aesthetic, clean-line design

The natural selection for an evolved solution.

Our Mission

EvolvedDecks™’ mission is to increase confidence and peace of mind for property owners and builders by delivering superior steel framing materials that are easily installed, while providing structural durability, dependability, and longevity. We are committed to ensure each customer is empowered with knowledge of the benefits of our fire-safe alternative building materials to make informed choices for the safety of their families and their investments.