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At EvolvedDecks™ we are driven by our mission to supply building professionals with deck frame kits using superior and innovative fire-safe steel building materials that last a lifetime.

Since our founding in 2010, as the first company to provide the building industry with complete steel deck frame kits, we have raised the standards of deck construction, serving customers throughout the Northern California region.

Contractors & Licensed Builders

Due to recent catastrophic wildfires, we are seeking licensed builders in your area!

Are you looking to offer your customers an innovative technology that is the future of deck building?

A non-combustible product that will help protect homes from wildfires and last a lifetime?

EvolvedDecks™ steel deck frames are easier to install and more efficient than traditional wood framing.

When you install EvolvedDecks™ steel frames, you set your own pace and your own installation prices ~ you are your own boss.

We are with you every step of the way from design to delivery.

If so, contact us today to learn more!

Product Information

Benefits to Builders

  • Steel is the superior alternative to wood!
  • Dimensionally stable – no warping or crowning
  • Lightweight, easy handling & installation
  • Minimal in-field cutting & minimal clean-up
  • Always dependable from delivery to installation
  • Adaptable to any decking or railing system
  • Pre-engineered designs & technical guide

Product Brochure

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