Contractor Reviews

What contractors are saying about EvolvedDecks™

After having built two of EvolvedDecks steel deck frames, I am impressed with the strength, accuracy and well-thought-out design of the framing kits. Years of trial and error have resulted in a straightforward product that solves the three main problems associated with conventional wood-framed decks: their short service lives, their dimensional instability, and their flammability.

The EvolvedDecks framing kits are custom-engineered specifically for each application and are of the highest quality. I have yet to find any comparable system that even comes close in terms of simplicity and durability. Property owners who adopt this cutting-edge technology are making a wise investment in the enhanced safety and obvious added value to their homes. I look forward to incorporating this product and their superior design services into future projects.

John L., Contractor
Alta, CA
July 2021

Jim was the lead contractor on a home remodel project in Penn Valley, CA. The homeowners wanted a fire safe deck and found EvolvedDecks™ right in their neck of the woods. We designed and installed 4 deck frame sections, completed in 2020. After his experience with our steel deck frames, Jim says he will never again build them from pressure treated wood, and offered these insights:

With lumber deliveries, sometimes you receive junk, and then you have to arrange to have the junk returned and replaced. If you order a steel deck from EvolvedDecks, you get a really good product, and there will not be a problem with the material. You won’t have to send it back. You’re going to have something that you can unload and install on the job. You aren’t going to have to sort through it or throw stuff away. It’s not twisted or cupped.

They’ve been talking about innovating the construction industry forever, and we just can’t get there; it such an archaic business. If you can do something on a project with a material you know will go together easily, you’re not going to be fighting it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to say, ‘we did pretty good with substandard materials.’ With steel you go to a higher standard. No excuses.

Jim S., Contractor
Grass Valley, CA
July 2021